Temperature monitor system for electrical transformers with 2 inputs for PTC probes

  • Two PTC inputs with fixed temperature level
    (see PTCK series sensors)
  • Possibility to connect up to six PTCK sensors in line for each channel (max. 1.5 Kohm for channel)
  • Interconnections among the relays contacts are shown in schema
  • Visualization correct working state
  • Visualization pre-alarm and alarm state
  • Intrinsic sure protection system with relays always on and signalling with switch off relays
  • Delay at power on (1 sec. about) for a direct connection with a shut down device
  • Assembly on rear panel by quick coupling with Din rail
  • Power supply (220 ÷ 240) Volt AC 50/60Hz
  • Tropicalization (optional)

Technical features


  • Standard box suitable for DIN rail 90x52X57 mm
  • Front panel 49×42 mm
  • Weight 0,2 Kg

Power Supply

  • Power supply (220 ÷ 240) Volt AC ± 10% 50/60Hz, absorption 2VA


  • Two distinguished input channels for PTC sensors with possibility to connect max six sensors in serial connections on every branch
    (max 1.5 Kohm per branch)


  • Output by relays with free contacts connected as per schema at the end of the manual.


  • Self-extinguishable NORYL Box
  • Protection degree front panel in polycarbonate: IP30
  • Protection degree on terminal board side: IP20
  • Two 250V AC 5A maximum relays contact (resistive load)
  • Dielectric strength between relays contacts and
    alimentation line 2,5KV AC for 60”
  • Working temperature of device from -20°C to 60°C
  • Max allowed dampness in the room 90% not condensing
  • Electrical connections with fast-polarised connectors
  • Technical manual in five languages (and more on request)
  • Construction in accordance with rule EN61000-6-2:2005 2014/30/EU
  • Tropicalization (optional)