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Our range of products

We help you keep the temperature under control

We are a company that produces transformer temperature measurement and control systems in general. Thanks to our microprocessor-based devices we can meet all the cooling requirements of the transformer. To guarantee quality, all cards are assembled with SMT technology and individually controlled with automatic optical systems.

We are oriented towards customer satisfaction

Diel srl was born in Vicenza in 1996 as a manufacturer of electrical power transformer accessories, working immediately with leading national power transformer companies and subsequently expanding on an international scale, making it appreciated for the quality of products and services. In order to satisfy all the ventilation and cooling needs of the transformers, in the years Diel introduces new accessories and new technologies that enable it to establish new standards of excellence in its reference market. Design, layout, assembly care, laboratory tests and working environment make it possible to reach a level of defect of 1.07 ‰. The international market opens for Diel right away and can now boast its presence in most countries of the world.

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