Protection and motor driver for fan cooling systems


  • Projected to consent the protection of low power electric motors
  • Management of the forced ventilation in the electric power transformers
  • Electronic system of reading of the nominal current absorbed from the engines
  • Driving and protection of two independent groups of motors which could be commanded in manual or in automatic mode with a remote input command
  • Each branch is able to command loads with current up to 5A
  • Initial self-calibration
  • Rapid action when check an anomalous absorption of current
  • The alarm will be generated in the following situations:
    • excessive absorption of current, (one or more motors could be overloaded from anomalous mechanics causes (for example block of the impeller in the fans system)
    • missing absorption of current, (one or more fan motors don’t have power supply for any motive, the ventilation of the electric machine could result insufficient)

COD.: AT200


Technical features


  • Box 90x90x130 mm included terminal blocks
  • Front panel 96×96 mm
  • Weight 0,5 Kg

Power Supply

  • Power supply (220÷240) Volt AC ± 10% 50/60Hz


  • Two PTC probes
  • Remote control


  • Fault relay 250V AC, 5A maximum resistive, one switch contact
  • Fan motor 1, max 5A 220÷240V AC 50-60Hz ±10%
  • Fan motor 2 max 5A 220÷240V AC 50-60Hz ±10%


  • Self-extinguishable NORYL Box
  • Protection degree front panel in polycarbonate: Ip65 (IP66 on request)
  • Protection degree of rear panel on terminal board side: IP20
  • Display with light segments
  • Measurement and control of current absorbed by fan motors on two independent lines
  • Auto-calibration of rated current absorbed by each ventilation line
  • Generation of warning signals in case of current consumption greater or lower than the nominal current measured upon auto-calibration, over temperature of at least one fan motor
  • Operating mode (via remote control of ventilation system): automatic, manual or channel scan
  • Maximum management flexibility and ease of programming
  • Continuous storage of planned and reached values
  • Working temperature of device from -20°C to 60°C
  • Max allowed dampness in the room 90% not condensing
  • Electrical connections with fast polarised connectors
  • Technical manual in two languages (and more on request)
  • Construction in accordance with rules 
  • Input filter for power supply in accordance with rules 
  • Tropicalization (optional)